Manufacturer extraction systems

Jongejans Dust Collectors; manufacturer of extractionsystems for onions, potatoes, seeds and bulbs precessing and packing.



Extraction at bulbs processing line



Onion processing

Extraction systems ; solution for dust and skins for onion processing line


Extraction system

Suction skins and dust of daffodils


Onion extraction

Het effect van afzuiging close in beeld gebracht bij een uien verwerkingslijn

The effect of onion extraction at an onion processing line.


Skin solutions

Nothing but nice, clean onions by applying suction to the right places in the processing line.


zantedeschia's & extraction

Processing of zantedeschia’s & extraction short version


Onion processing

Onion processing and extraction, english version


Potato processing

Potato processing and extraction, english version



Potato processing line and extraction



Onionprocessing and extraction



Garlic procession and extraction

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