Onion grading and packing line

A lot of dust is released when packaging onions. To prevent this dust from spreading, packaging machines can be encapsulated to create an underpressure. And by installing extraction nozzles in the  right places, over the conveyors, all remaining skins or husks are removed and you are assured of a clean end product!


Suction nozzle on a conveyor extracts 95% of the onion skins


Suction nozzle at the end of a conveyor extracts everything that does not belong in the product.


Dust hoods over points where onions are dumped, for instance near crate tip-over units. The extraction creates an underpressure which prevents dust from spreading.


Several tip-over units with dust hoods connected to the extraction system. Result: a lot less dust in the room.


Extracted onion skins and dust can be blown into a trolley.


Another option is collecting the waste in a tilting skip or crate.

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